LuciSwab ES
LuciSwab ES 2.0-2.2 mm /2.8-3.2mm /3.7-4.2 mm 2.5m are long swab for working channel of endoscopes

3 different types with different diameters
LuciSwab ES 2.0-2.2
LuciSwab ES 2.8-3.2
LuciSwab ES 3.7-4.2

1. Wear powder free gloves, and take out LuciSwab ES from bag
2. Moisten tip of the LuciSwab ES with water (do not use saline)
3. Insert LuciSwab ES into working channel from Biopsy port until it comes out from the tip
4. Take out swab stick from the main body of LuciPac A3
5. Insert LuciSwab ES into the main body of LuciPac A3, and wash LuciSwab ES in releasing reagent. Be careful not to break aluminum seal
6. Remove the LuciSwab ES and insert the swab stick back into the main body, then push down. Shake until the liquid reagent slides down and dissolved powdered reagent, and then measure