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ATP Rapid Hygiene Monitoring, ATP Measurement (highly sensitive) Microorganism Detection, and Histamine Test, etc…

ATP Rapid Hygiene Monitoring System

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In order to determine the amount of ATP (energy for living organisms) that remains on production equipment after the cleaning process has been carried out to ensure that the equipment is clean enough for production step. The highlight is the ease of use and it can be used in conjunction with culture media efficiently and quickly. The cleaning result can be obtained in as little as 10 seconds. It is a cost-effective testing tool to reduce production line downtime and damaged products from the standard. The ATP Rapid Hygiene Monitoring System is widely trusted by many manufacturers in many countries.

The ATP Rapid Hygiene Monitoring System is suitable for factories or food production facilities such as food production machinery or food quality inspection equipment, hospitals and medical institutions in order to control product quality (Quality Control). In hospitals it is used at Endoscopic and Gastroenterology departments, Central Supply departments, Dental departments, nurse’s stations, inpatient wards and kitchens. Therefore, very popular in the food manufacturing industry and can also be used with tools that require special cleanliness control before using the device after cleaning (Cleaning)